Who We Are?

Our Team

We are made up of a dedicated team, who are ready to provide you with a range of the best quality performers, that will ensure your event or occasion is a complete success. 

Our products and services are of the highest quality. No matter the need, we can help. Our services include Tribute Acts, Recordings, Media, Lighting and everything right down to personally delivered Telegrams by your favorite Celebrity.

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To provide a long term partnership with all of our clients that strengthens with each engagement. To work shoulder to shoulder with our partners to ensure all projects leave your patrons wanting more.

We won’t just be working for the success of our partners projects, but also working hard for the success of the dedicated teams at St Judes Childrens hospital. We committ 10% of all profits to this wonderful organisation. Our success, is their success.


  • We value long term client partnerships¬†
  • We value knowledge
  • We value networking
  • We value safety
  • We value quality
  • We value success
  • We value chairities